Jason Barnard – Digital Marketing Consultant, Musician & Blue Dog

I am currently a consultant, author and conference speaker in all things search marketing…  also a musician and a cartoon blue dog (see below) !

Consultant, author and conference speaker in all things search marketing

Pascal Brothers (2017 – present)

20+ live performances.
Track on this compilation CD (Elvis the Barman)

Barcoustic (2014 – present)

Barcoustic 2016
50+ live performances. Here are a couple of videos
Quai des Arts 2015 >>
Bar l’Esplanade 2016 >> 

Boowa & Kwala

Boowa & Kwala - Jason & Veronique BARNARDBoowa & Kwala Website and TV series (52 x 5′) produced by ITV International and shown in France, Canada, Poland, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, UK…

Chocco Song >>
Beep Beep >>
Twirly Dance >>
All the songs >>


The Barking Dogs (1989-1996)

Over 600 gigs throughout Europe !
A few live performances are available online thanks to French TV and Marcus Godwyn…
Ace of Spades >>
Basta  >>
A partial promotional video (need to find the rest) >>


More info on Wikipedia >>