Expert articles for beginner and intermediary levels !

White Paper

2017 –  the year I became an author on SEO. First out of the blocks – a 40-page White Paper on SEO for ORM (with two really smart people at Searchmetrics:  Marcus Tober and Daniel Furch).  Latest  update on MediaPost

Download your copy of “Managing online brand experience through Search and Content Optimizationhere.


  1. Paid UK Review Platforms: Which is the Right Choice for SEO?
     24 April 2017

Ecommerce Nation

  1. 3 Long-Term SEO Strategies you can Implement Today
    April 2017
  2. The 6 Key Points of a Profitable Google Shopping Campaign
    June 2017


  1. Introduction to Schema Markup
    9 June 2017

SEO blog articles in 2017

My aim is to make the subject accessible to beginner and intermediary levels by explaining proven strategies and tactics in a clear simple manner. I have been invited to write for these prestigious (expert) sites :

  1. Searchmetrics (coming this summer)
  2. SEMrush
  3. Ecommerce Nation
  4. Trustpilot (coming soon)