Expert articles for beginner and intermediary levels !

White Paper

2017 –  the year I became an author on SEO. First out of the blocks – a 40-page White Paper on SEO for ORM (with two really smart people at Searchmetrics:  Marcus Tober and Daniel Furch).

Download your copy of “Managing online brand experience through Search and Content Optimizationhere.

SEO blog articles in 2017

My aim is to make the subject accessible to beginner and intermediary levels by explaining proven strategies and tactics in a clear simple manner. I have been invited to write for these prestigious (expert) sites :

  1. Searchmetrics (coming in May)
  2. SEMrush
  3. Ecommerce Nation
  4. Trustpilot (coming soon)


  1. Paid UK Review Platforms: Which is the Right Choice for SEO?
    SEMrush, 24 April 2017