About A-Bra-Ca-Dabra! (song by Boowa & Kwala)


“A-Bra-Ca-Dabra!” is a song recording for children by Boowa & Kwala from the music album 53 Bright Songs From the TV Series.

“A-Bra-Ca-Dabra!” is a song by Boowa and Kwala that shows you can make magic tricks even just by using a drawing, accompanied by music and lyrics. “A-Bra-Ca-Dabra!” is included in the episode “Magic Tricks” from the 2008 TV series Boowa & Kwala produced by PMMP (France) and ITV International (UK). The song is sung by Boowa (voiced by Jason Barnard) and Kwala (voiced by Véronique Barnard).

The song “A-Bra-Ca-Dabra!” is 1 minute and 25 seconds long.

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