Managing brand in the SERPs

Few firms are truly serious about taking a proactive approach to managing what appears when someone enters their brand names or names of company executives into search engines.  If you’re a business, you can’t leave it to chance that what shows up is always accurate, positive and up to date.  Especially as there’s a danger that  competitors might be trying to find their way into the SERPs (search engine results pages) for your brand terms.

Managing the SERPs for brand terms is an immense,  multi-facetted subject that many businesses do not yet understand, let alone take seriously.
An aspect of SEO that is vital and yet barely touched upon…

I can show you how to

  1. identify and track what appears for your brand terms in the most relevant SERP real estate  (ie the organic links, adwords ads, images, videos, news results, google knowledge graph boxes etc ) across devices and appropriate regions.
  2. proactively control a maximum amount of the SERP real estate surrounding your brand by leveraging existing content and creating and placing new content
  3. track what appears below the first SERP page, so you can spot dangers early and take action before they rise up and start appearing on page 1 (where they can do most damage).
  4. keep track of social activity around your brand (allowing you to catch and react to any unusual activity as soon as it happens)
  5. keep tabs on competitors “poaching” your SERP real estate in adwords, traditional blue links, news, images etc


The Science of SEO is knowing the rules…
The Art is making the right choices.

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