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Lily Ray #SEOisAEO

The Lowdown on E-A-T Strategy #SEOisAEO with Lily Ray at #semrush

We start with a delightful chat about New York, Halloween and even get a quick (made up) Broadway ditty. Then onto E-A-T and how this is affecting our approach to digital marketing. You need to get your information more accurate with help from experts. The problem comes from the fact that the returns aren’t immediate, which is a problem for a lot of people since their job often depends on fast results and quick returns. Is there a quick-win cheat? And is Google a chicken with its head cut off (terribly good analogy for Halloween)?

Paul Shapiro #SEOisAEO

A Wider View of Technical SEO #SEOisAEO with Paul Shapiro at #semrush

We start with an idiotic James Bond analogy. Paul pulls me back to the serious business of ‘what is technical SEO’? And the definition is wider than I thought. 4 types of tech SEO. Paul has a plan to tell me the 4 types. Like a child, I keep trying to jump ahead. Paul then looks at skillsets and venn diagrams. And that we should look at (and accept and appreciate) these crossovers. SEO is one giant Venn diagram of skillsets. Then onto the fact that in SEO we are (and need to be) multi-skilled. We end with ‘it’s important to get into the weeds’. Who knows what that means (ask Paul)

Marty Weintraub #SEOisAEO

(Groovy) Music and Digital Marketing #SEOisAEO with Marty Weintraub at #pubcon

Marty starts with his musical career and the segues very neatly into why that initial career path helps with digital marketing. And, as we all know, there are a lot of musicians in this space. Mentions for Robert Smith, AC/DC, The Monkees… And we also learn to love our lard pack… and it becomes yet another spur of the moment silly ditty

James Norquay #SEOisAEO

Growing a Digital Agency #SEOisAEO with James Norquay at #copycon19

Once again I get the pronunciation of someone’s name wrong. How does James find clients: referrals, conferences, content promotion… and a little SEO :) Keep a good customer base. Never have one single client who represents more than 10% of your income. Next how to hire great staff. Conferences, job sites, Facebook groups… Enthusiasm, a personality that fits in to the team, motivation… I decide we are talking about ranking factors for getting jobs. The first year is always going to be really tough. Surviving the first 3 years is key. Then you are rolling. After 8 years, 80% of Jame’s job is networking. Great clients are hard to find and bad clients and easy to find.

Barry Adams #SEOisAEO

The Google Shaped Web #SEOisAEO with Barry Adams at #SEOisAEO

In the pub, just before the second day of the Takeitoffline unconference. Barry hates AMP and is an attempt by Google to force the web to conform to their vision of the web. Now they are getting involved in WordPress, and we should be very worried (especially when we get words like PWAMP). A commercial company should not be the organisation that decides how the web works – because they will do what is best for their bottom line, not what is best for the web. Google is an advertising company with 90% dominance and should be regulated. They started wanting to make the web a better place, but are now a company looking to make money. We dig into how the European Directive may pan out for news sites. Although they are playing hardball on the EU directive, and the recent updates have impacted the publishers enormously (and cost them dearly), Google are trying to be more political with the publishers. Then onto what business models might work for news publishers – not a one-size-fits-all. I vaguely float the idea of calling him Happy Barry. Then onto Google breaking the Social Contract, and the ins-and-outs of permission to scrape. Conclusion – Barry chirpily says that Google don’t feel they owe anyone anything.

John Morabito #SEOisAEO

Looking After Your Brand SERPs #SEOisAEO with John Morabito at #pubcon

For once someone gets all over excited about brand SERPs. I manage to keep reasonably quiet and let him talk, despite the fact I am over excited about it too. He actually does proper audits on all terms that contain the brand name, and gives some super duper insights we should all be taking note of. So go out and manage your branded searches. Easy win, and vitally important.

Kristine Schachinger #SEOisAEO

3 Common Misconceptions about E-A-T #SEOisAEO with Kristine Schachinger at #pubcon

Google don’t look at author. They look at entities. Google don’t look at accuracy of facts. Kristine uses Omegas as an example as to why. Then why linking out is so important. I expound my topic layer theory. They don’t use NLP, they use NLU. Which is why we need… and we end up with a sulky robot on crutches

Elmer Boutin #SEOisAEO

Human Centered Data Driven Content #SEOisAEO with Elmer Boutin at #pubcon

Google, Bing and Amazon have a user-centric design perspective, and we tend to forget that. We should pull and analyse the data to discover the real pain points of our potential clients rather than use our instincts since we are all biased, and our content will therefore be biased.