Conference Speaking

Brighton SEO April 2018

A Universal Strategy for Answer Engine Optimisation (beyond position0)

Brighton SEO
27 April 2018

SEOcamp'us Paris 2018Answer Engine Optimisation : the one strategy that will work for every brand

SEOcamp’us Paris
23 March 2018

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The Most Damaging SEO Myths

Webinar SEMrush with Chris Green, Craig Campbell, Nitin Manchanda
8 February 2018

SEO and the Rise of AEO

Webinar Trustpilot / Also available here
31 January 2018

Amazon Echo and Trustpilot Logo

SEO And The Rise of AEO: Why Voice Search Matters

Trustpilot Video / Also available here
18 January 2018

Jason Barnard and a fellow speaker

Schema MarkUp for today and tomorrow

Search London 11 September 2017