Bing team leads open up about how search works: first up, core algorithms

Published on OnMSFT April 7, 2020

These are citations of Jason Barnard on the article:

“The reality of search is that it is more mathematical than it is magical, and through the efforts of Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) over at Search Engine Journal we’ve been given a behind the scenes view of how search works at Bing, and likely a preview of how Google’s own search engine works as well.”

” Dubut mentions in his interview with Barnard that the foundation of every single search page is the “10 blue links,” and if the users’ query can be usefully addressed with one to many rich elements (SERP features) that the search algorithm will incorporate to deliver best result.  At this point, it is okay to ask what that actually means.”

“While there are many algorithms that play a role in search, Barnard pays extra attention to the Whole Page team algorithm as being an important concept as the whole page algorithm works around intent and ultimately controls what is shown to the end-user.”

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