11 Ecommerce Growth Tactics

Published on SEMrush November 27, 2018 (Elizaveta Shutova)

2019 is just around the corner, and with the new year closing in, we knew it was time to gather data and assess the current behavior of ecommerce companies, their strategies, and how it affects consumer behavior. Search engines and easy access to customers have only become more competitive, making it even more essential for businesses to be aware of how they measure up.

SEO Consultant Jason Barnard shared some valuable insight about schema markup:


Schema markup provides easy-to-digest confirmation of your webpage content to crawlers and search engines (such as Google and Microsoft). It is most usefully leveraged to explicitly confirm “Who you are and what you offer,” so it is easy to understand why I would say that it is absolutely essential to e-commerce sites.

Details about your offers are often very difficult for these machines to extract automatically from your site. Providing machine-readable details about your products, prices, delivery options, taxes, manufacturer, etc. helps enormously will help on several channels in the short and long-term: SEO, Google Shopping, and Search Ads.

Your first markup should be “who we are” corporation markup on your About Us page. Next would be “what types of product do we sell,” which would be collection markup on your category pages. Finally, and the biggest direct payback, is “what products, to whom, at what price,” which would be Product and Offer markup on your product pages.

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