Expert Insights – B2B Marketing Trends In Post COVID-19 Era

Published on Unboundb2b November 11, 2020 (Sumeet Anand)


In the times of pandemic, business-to-business organizations have suffered immensely. But, as “living with the pandemic” becomes new norm markets and the customers are rapidly changing too.

In such an environment, all the industry experts are convinced that we might never go back to the old ways. The new normal in the businesses environment focused more on interactions with social distance and a reliance on technology

Here is Jason Barnard’s take on the matter:

Jason Barnard

 Covid has changed, and will continue to change, the way companies train their workforce.

Pre-Covid (aka pre-2020), businesses were already increasingly shifting to online courses and training programmes to upskill their employees. One obvious and immediate knock-on effect of the Covid lock-down was that it forced on businesses an acceleration of that move towards remote learning.

Although that shift may initially have appeared temporary, the success of both remote working and remote learning, plus the ongoing Covid restrictions have served to:
1) encourage businesses already investing in online courses and training to expand that investment
2) forced the hand of businesses that were initially reticent and held back

The online education market had already been growing for years. Covid has changed the game. No business can now realistically ignore online courses and training. Remote learning has been pushed very much to the fore and it looks like, even post-Covid, it will remain front and center for businesses when it comes to upskilling their workforce.

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