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Searchmetrics Black Belt

Black Belt SEO

I’ve never really been one for qualifications. But this is one I am proud to have

Here’s why:
Pinpointing the right actions at the right time in the right context for a large site in the SEO space is a difficult task that only a few thousand in the world can claim to be capable of. Doing that for a global brand such as Apple or eBay and keeping it relevant to their overall marketing strategy is an infinitely harder task. Only a few hundred can stake a claim here

To be right at the top of our profession today, it is not enough to simply be a great SEO. A black belt will bring their experience to a complex scenario, apply that to business goals, and then present the what, how, who, why, when… to the right people in the right way. Truly holistic.

Lilou Black Belt

PS my daughter wanted one too. hopefully no one will notice the tweak we made to the certificate

Black Belt Certificate