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On this episode of Accelerate Your Business Growth, host Diane Helbig sits down with guest Jason Barnard to discuss building a successful SEO strategy. Jason shares his process, called the kalicube process, which focuses on identifying available resources and aligning them to what the audience is looking for to project the right solutions to Google and build an entire digital and SEO strategy around it. The conversation delves into building credibility through clear messaging and marketing tactics, and identifying one’s brand and resources to serve the audience. They also cover the importance of understanding one’s own business offerings and credibility to effectively communicate with clients. Key takeaways include the importance of creating videos and adding subtitles, giving Google more clues through packaging elements, and focusing on branding, marketing, and SEO in that order. Tune in for expert insights on building a successful SEO strategy and growing your business online.

Jason Barnard is the CEO of Kalicube. He is also an entrepreneur, author and digital marketer who specialises in Brand SERP optimisation and Knowledge Panel management. Jason uses the pseudonym “The Brand SERP Guy” for his professional work!

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Published by Accelerate Your Business Growth. June 19, 2023. Host: Diane Helbig. Guest: Jason Barnard, Founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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