The Reality of Gig Economy, How To Learn Anything Fast, and No-Fluff Guide to SEO

Welcome to the Quest for Questions podcast, joining me today is someone who describes himself as a digital marketer, musician and cartoon blue dog. After our conversation I’d call him the first professional double-bass player who had no idea how to play it, the first digital nomad with an official home address “between sea and post office, Mauritius”, and the only person who can make SEO and Brand SERP an exciting conversation topic even for people outside digital marketing. Here are some of the things you are going to learn today: – Jason’s secret sauce to learning anything quickly and how you can apply it, too – why talent X perseverance + a tiny bit of luck were the keys to his successes & yours too – Why you should care about your Brand SERP, #1 most important aspect of any SEO strategy and how to spot an SEO bullshitter. If you stick long enough, you’ll even learn a French word that better describes someone with drive. This is Konrad Yerba Mate Addict, and here’s an interview with one and only Jason Barnard. Enjoy!

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Published by Quest for Questions November 29, 2020. Host: Konrad Cichawa. Guest: Jason Barnard, founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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