Jason Barnard, on taking a deep dive into Brand SERPs

Jason Barnard (founder and CEO of Kalicube) does a lot and there are a lot of Jason Barnards. It’s not a coincidence that we mention this here because in this episode of the Yoast SEO Podcast you will learn why it’s important to know if you have namesakes, just like Jason does. The Jason Barnard Joost is talking to in this episode is a digital marketer, but also a musician and cartoon blue dog. Having multiple namesakes and multiple careers confuses Google. But, Jason would not be this Jason if he wouldn’t have a way to help Google understand your (product) name or brand with the goal of improving your brand’s representation there. That’s what this episode is mainly about: making sure your brand or name is represented in your Brand SERP on Google as you desire it to be.

This is what you will learn by listening to the podcast:

  • What Brand SERPs are
  • The importance of the About us page
  • How to discover if there’s a Brand SERP for your own brand or if one is coming soon
  • How to explain to Google that you are a certain entity and your namesakes are not you
  • Maintaining your knowledge panel
  • The importance of rich site links in your Brand SERP
  • That knowledge panels differ around the world

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Published by The Yoast SEO Podcast January 20, 2021. Host: Joost de Valk. Guest: Jason Barnard, founder and CEO at Kalicube.