Another super interesting Q&A session with Jason Barnard – The Brand SERP Guy – is coming. Don’t miss this one!

Jason has triggered well over A THOUSAND Knowledge Panels and his company (Kalicube), has data on 40,000 Knowledge Panels going back 5 years. He is the “Google Whisperer” – he knows how to get and keep, a Knowledge Panel for people, companies, events, products, and any other Entity.

This Q&A will focus on the easy-to-implement practical tips, techniques, and strategies you need to trigger a Knowledge Panel (if you don’t have one) or enrich it (if you do).

This is a unique opportunity to get straight answers to your questions about getting, managing, and enriching Knowledge Panels for any entity type. So come along to the live event to ask your noobie questions and get a clear, helpful answer from Jason… he assures me that, because the world of Knowledge Panel management is new, there are no stupid questions, only questions people are afraid to ask for risk of looking foolish.

Video by: SEO Podcast by #SEOSLYHost: Olga ZarrGuest: Jason Barnard. January 20, 2023.

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