Brand SERPs have become a vital part of how customers perceive your company. They establish trust and a positive image on the company and can help you gain more customers in such a simple manner. After we at FatRank heard more information about this, we wanted to find out a way to get more information on the subject, and there was only one man who held the best knowledge on the subject matter.

Jason Barnard is an amazing guy, studying at Liverpool John Moores University in Economics, being a musician (vocalist and bassist), owning a successful digital marketing company known as Kalicube and even voicing a cartoon character! However, his course on Brand SERPs is vital to have in any digital marketers arsenal, covering how vital it is to dominate your Brand SERP with the right information.

Video and Published by: FatRank. Guest: Jason Barnard. September 2, 2020.

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