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Search marketing is an exciting field of study because it pushes the boundaries of what we know about digital advertising. The art comes in knowing which techniques work best and making sure to use them at just the right time, so your brand can be seen by potential customers when they are looking online!

The guest on today’s episode has spent years mastering both science (search engine results pages) & craftsmanship; if you’re interested not only in how people find products or services but also in why some succeed where others fail–then this show might have something for ya’ll…

Who is worthy of a knowledge panel on Google? Everyone, according to Jason! Knowledge Panels on a brand SERP are becoming the new normal. But we have no direct control over what shows up when someone Googles their name – people and brands alike need insight into all that ninja stuff he’s figured out through years in this trenches as an SEO specialist with I’ve got some fresh tips for managing your online reputation so you can stay at the top without feeling like stale content will suffice any longer.

Video and Published by: William Jones. Host: William Jones. Guest: Jason Barnard.

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