Jason Barnard says “Google is a Child – Learn to Educate Google” tells here how. A Digital Marketing Expert known as “The Brand SERP Guy”, Author of “The Fundamentals of Brand SERPS for Business” on Amazon. Specializing in Brand SERPS and Knowledge Panels. https://kalicube.com
Jason Barnard, Sept 20, 2022 Café & Networking Podcast Guest
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I am Tom Reaoch, known as the “King of Networking,” connecting people from my Podcast Studio in Brazil.
Today we talk with Jason Barnard joining us from Paris, France. Jason Barnard, an author, digital marketing expert known as “The Brand SERP Guy” specializing in Brand SERPs (what appears when you Google your Brand name) and knowledge panels (what Google understands about who you are and what you do).
Jason, you say” Google is a Child – learn to educate Google. How can I do that?

Remember you can find more information about Jason Barnard at https://kalicube.com/ “Kalicube Academy” offers online video courses that will empower any business owner, brand manager to optimize Brand SERP´s.

Video by: Café & Networking Podcast. Host: Tom Reaoch. Guest: Jason Barnard. September 20, 2022.

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