Feedback from people about my interview with Jason (Knowledge Panel super-expert) last week has been incredibly positive.

Jason answered a lot of questions including the importance of the Entity Home, how to write entity descriptions using NLP, what corroboration to look for, what Schema Markup to use and when, international Knowledge Panels, how Knowledge Panel Sprouts work, how to trigger a Knowledge Panel, when not to claim, why some Knowledge Panels are not claimable, how Google is dealing with Knowledge Panel Spam, the mistakes SEOs make when managing Knowledge Panels, other common Knowledge Panels mistakes to avoid, typical timelines for Knowledge Panels, Google Knowledge Algorithm updates, how AC/DC record sales can help us understand Google Algo updates, why you should track and manage your Knowledge Panel over time, why changing names isn’t as scary as Olga thought.

Video by: SEO Podcast by #SEOSLYHost: Olga ZarrGuest: Jason Barnard. November 17, 2022.

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