Unlock the secrets of taming the digital marketing beast with the savviness of AI as digital marketing maven Jason Barnard joins me for a mind-expanding journey.

A consummate edutainer, Jason started teaching me amazing new concepts off the bat during our pre-recording chat and I had to include those powerful 6 minutes in the final edit for you!

We navigate the neural pathways of AI technologies like Gemini, ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, drawing lessons from how their information processing works so you can further enhance your digital strategies.

You’ll discover how a UNIFIED online presence is not just a choice, but a necessity in today’s AI-driven world, and why treating Google like a child might just be the master key to communicating with all AI technologies.

Through this episode, you’ll also learn the power of managing your digital brand for maximum visibility and the critical importance of anchoring your online identity with a personal touch, ensuring your voice stands out among the AI-generated chatter.

The grand finale of our conversation is not just a call to action, but an invitation to revolutionise your digital presence with Jason’s expertise. You’ll learn and gain a deep understanding of how a focused digital footprint can catapult your business’s success and why direct human interactions still reign supreme in building meaningful connections.

Get ready to be inspired and level up your expertise with all things digital branding and I Intelligence!

Video by: Roberto Revilla LondonHost: Roberto Revilla. Guest: Jason Barnard. May 28, 2024.

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