The science of search marketing is knowing the techniques… The art is making the right choices. My guest on today’s show, Jason Barnard refers to himself as The Brand SERP Guy. He’s an author, speaker, and consultant on all things digital marketing, previously a punk-folk musician and cartoon blue dog in the wildly popular web series Boowa & Kwala. He’s been studying, tracking, and analyzing Brand SERPs (search engine results pages—meaning, what appears when someone Googles your name) since 2014 through his company Kalicube.

Who is worthy of a knowledge panel on Google? Everyone, according to Jason! Knowledge Panels on a brand SERP are becoming the new normal, but the problem is, we have no direct control over what Google shows. In Jason’s coaching and his courses he helps clients manage what’s in theirs, and how they can make sure it’s accurate. Everyone needs to manage what appears when someone Googles their name—people, brands, local businesses, music groups, products, music albums, films. So, if you want insight into all the ninja stuff that Jason has figured out through all his years in the trenches, stay tuned for a knowledge-packed episode right now!

Video and Published by: Stephan Spencer. Guest: Jason Barnard. October 21, 2020.

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