Tatiana Bonneau of smartbranding.com and markupgrade.com talks with Jason Barnard about owning your brand message online by educating Google.

Companies’ founder, screenwriter, rock musician, and more, Jason talks about how his diverse background has helped him thrive and help others do so. Jason has turned his name into a personal brand, investing in an exact match domain name jasonbarnard.com; he also owns an EBM for his other business Kalicube.com. We talk about the importance of separating your personal life from your professional life. We discuss naming, branding, SEO, domain names, and the story behind Kalicube’s name. Jason explains the core of Kalicube’s business, what a Google business card is, and why it is essential for any company. He shares some tips on how to get on top of search results and establish yourself as an expert, authority, and trustworthy within the niche that you can genuinely serve while avoiding some common entrepreneur mistakes. We talk about what types of companies can benefit from Kalicube’s services and the importance of building a strong and motivated team.

Video by: SmartBranding.com PodcastHost: Tatiana Bonneau. Guest: Jason Barnard. November 29, 2022.

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