” Three reasons your Brand SERP is the single most important KPI in your digital strategy – your new business card: Everyone who is important to your business is googling your brand name. – an independent appraisal of your content strategy: Google shows you (cards 100% open on the table) which outreach investments are performing, and which aren’t. – an honest reflection of your digital ecosystem: The simplest, most accurate and cheapest market research imaginable. What Google shows is a naked representation of your audience’s opinion of you.

And of course, if they are smart enough to look at your Brand SERP, all of that is an open book to your competitors. And vice versa!

I’ll share with the audience how to ‘read’ a brand SERP in all three contexts above (bit like reading tea leaves, but with real insights !) I can also tell people what to do to improve theirs… Which leads to the clincher – by getting your Brand SERP 100% accurate, positive and convincing, you are necessarily building a coherent, multichannel and effective content strategy that engages your audience… and also a more balanced and positive digital ecosystem around your brand. Great stuff !”

Video by: Data Miner. Guest: Jason Barnard. March 31, 2022.

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