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Why Do You Need to Achieve Human and Machine Understandability? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this video, entrepreneur and CEO of Kalicube, Jason Barnard explains the first phase of the three-step Kalicube Process, which is Understandability. He emphasizes the importance of having clear and consistent brand message. Once you have accurately ingrained understanding in both your human and machine audience, you have nailed a solid foundation for your future. Be sure to watch the video to the end for more insights.

What you’ll learn:

00:00 Jason Barnard and Vince Warnock
00:01 Why is the Kalicube Process Considered as a Universal and Timeless Tool for Brand Management?
00:21 What is the First Phase of the Kalicube Process?
00:38 How does “Understandability” Benefit You?
00:49 What Happens Once You Get Categorized by the Machines?
01:20 What Issues Arise if the Machines Fail to Accurately Understand You?
01:38 How Does Clear and Consistent Brand Message Impact Both Human and Machine Understanding?

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from Chasing the Insights Podcast.” https://chasingtheinsights.com/ep580-jason-barnard-personal-brand/

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Transcript from Why Do You Need to Achieve Human and Machine Understandability? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

Jason Barnard: So what we’re doing at Kalicube, the Kalicube Process, for managing your personal brand or your corporate brand online, is universal and timeless. It worked yesterday,it works today, and it works in the future. It worked for me ten years ago. It’s still working for me today. And I’ve already demonstrated that these machines are still swallowing what I’m saying.And it’s based on, right now, creating that foundational understanding, which is the first phase of our three step process.

Make sure these machines understand the basic facts about you and that they’re confident in those facts. If you can get to that stage, they know who you are, what you do, and who you offer your services to, or who your audience is. That means that they understand who you are and they’ve categorized you. And the categorization is a cohort. If you get into exactly the right cohort and you become the perfect representation of that cohort, then they can start to extrapolate information about you that you didn’t know.

Vince Warnock: Yeah.

Jason Barnard: So if that’s what singularity is going to be about, it’s going to be the machine understands which group you belong to, and it can be very, very niche, and then it can understand additional information based on that cohort, and that’s scary. But if you can nail down the basic understanding and the absolute perfect representation of your cohort, the machine will probably get it right. And if you’re not in the right cohort, or if you’re not the perfect representation of that cohort, or if it hasn’t understood the basic facts, you have a huge problem.

If you’re clear and consistent about your personal brand message and the facts about you personally, you’re going to educate your audience. They’re going to understand who you are. They’re going to be confident they’ve understood who you are. The machines will understand who you are, be confident they’ve understood who you are and who you can serve.

And the audience coming back to that, the human audience will say, well, actually, I’m exactly the kind of person this person that I’m faced with can serve. That understandability is both human and machines, because those machines are simply trying to replicate human understanding and human behavior. So you need to nail both of them. And that is clear, consistent corroboration.

This Knowledge Nugget is taken from Chasing the Insights Podcast hosted by Vince Warnock.

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