Knowledge Panels are a hot topic in SEO and in marketing, but very few people know how to trigger and manage them, and even fewer people know what information is included in them. Kalicube has provided data for 900,000 knowledge panels in 6 countries across 29 industries that provides astonishing insights into what triggers knowledge panels for brands and people, and what information Google includes in them: the attributes (there are well over 1000 unique attributes), social channels, descriptions, data sources, related entities… and more! If you want to know how to trigger a knowledge panel for yourself or your brand, and also how to control the information Google shows, then this webinar is for you. Jason Barnard shares his in-depth analysis of the data from this massive study, then Andrea Volpini and Paige Hobart join him to share tips, tricks and give you the actionable takeaways for managing your knowledge panel on Google.

Published by: SEMRush. Guests: Jason BarnardAndrea Volpini. Host: Paige Hobart. November 26, 2020.

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