What’s in this webinar? We kick off with an introduction to structured data, by our special guest Jason Barnard. Known from the #SEOisAEO​ podcast! After that, a round-table discussion in which Joost, Omar, and Jason discuss the ins and outs of structured data. And of course, as one of our structured data experts, Jono Alderson adds his two cents too!

During the webinar, viewers got to ask questions through the live chat on YouTube. We answered those in the Q&A session.

So: a webinar chock-full of knowledge and know-how around structured data.

Well worth it. Enjoy! #SEO#StructuredData#Yoast

Webinar published by Yoast September 6, 2019. Host: Joost de Valk. Guest: Omar Reiss. Speaker: Jason Barnard, founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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