Thumbnail: The Most Damaging SEO Myths

Join Chris Green ( Strategic IQ ), Jason Barnard ( Kalicube ) & Nitin Manchanda ( Trivago ) discussing the most damaging SEO myths, hosted by Craig Campbell.  There are so many opinions and myths in Digital Marketing and Chris and Jason will be looking to help others by debunking myths they have come across in their experience as SEOs. 

Chris, Nitin & Jason will be debunking each myth and provide results of their own twitter polls and from various other tests as well as explaining why some of these myths are hard to diagnose/disprove in some instances. Myths can only really be diagnosed or disproved by testing on a regular basis so our experts will be providing tips and advice based on years of testing and experience as experts in this field.

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Webinar published by Semrush February 8, 2018. Host: Craig Campbell. Guests: Chris Green, Nitin Manchanda, and Jason Barnard, founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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