WTPL Music

Jason Barnard founded WTPL Music in 1991. WTPL music is a French record label and music publisher. Founded by Jason Barnard as the record label and publisher for “The Barking Dogs”​, Xavier Collin took over the company in 1997.

WTPL Music founded by Jason Barnard – an explanation

In this clip on Your Creative Haven, Jason Barnard explains why he founded WTPL Music and describes a little about life with the Punk-Folk music group The Barking Dogs.


Jason Barnard: …so we tried to get a record deal and nobody would give us a record deal. And so I decided to start a company just to record an album.

Josh Rech: Oh wow.

Jason Barnard: And that’s how I got into the kind of business side of things is I thought “the record companies are all rubbish. They don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m gonna record the album myself, release it myself. I don’t care”. Which is very punk. And it worked okay.

Jason Barnard: We sold, I think about 40,000 albums over six years.

Josh Rech: Wow.

Jason Barnard: And that was purely by brute I’m gonna do this pigheadedness…