Jason Barnard, CEO at Kalicube

Jason Barnard, entrepreneur and CEO of Kalicube also known as “The Brand SERP Guy,” has carved a unique path in the entrepreneurial world. His journey from a musician to a digital marketing expert and now a recognized entrepreneur tells a compelling story of adaptability and strategic repositioning. This article explores Jason’s entrepreneurial ventures, his strategic shift in personal branding, and his contributions to the digital marketing industry.

Early Music Career

Jason Barnard’s early music career is truly fascinating. He began his musical journey in 1985 as a vocalist of Stanley the Counting Horse, a Liverpool blues band that played approximately 40 concerts in pubs and clubs around Liverpool including a performance at the famous Cavern Club where The Beatles once played.

In the 1990s, Jason’s career took a significant turn when he joined The Barking Dogs, a punk folk group. With this group, he learned to play the double bass. However, The Barking Dogs faced a common challenge in the music industry – finding a music producer, publisher, or tour organizer. This led Jason to found WTPL Music in 1991, taking a bold entrepreneurial step. He invested his own savings to record an album and organize a European tour for the band. 

This move paid off significantly: The Barking Dogs performed 660 concerts, playing for 66,000 people and selling 40,000 albums. WTPL Music released four albums for The Barking Dogs between 1991 and 1996.

As CEO of WTPL Music from 1991 to 1999, Jason expanded the company’s operations beyond his own band. WTPL Music became a French record label and music publisher, working with various artists and offering services such as music supervision, synchronization, and consulting.

His musical journey continued beyond, with the Pascal Brothers (2016-2019). Today, Jason continues to delight audiences with his double bass performances in Barcoustic (2014-present) and the Rascal Brothers (2016-present).

Jason Barnard’s Journey as CEO

Jason Barnard has founded and led several companies throughout his career. 

  • Kalicube (2015-present): Jason Barnard founded Kalicube in 2015. Kalicube is a digital marketing agency and groundbreaking software company based in France. As the current CEO, Jason leads Kalicube in empowering business leaders to future-proof their brand online and providing agencies with a suite of profitable services.
  • UpToTen (2000-2011): In 2000, Jason Barnard founded UpToTen—a children’s entertainment website featuring characters Boowa and Kwala. Under his leadership, UpToTen became a significant player in the children’s entertainment industry, with its website surpassing one billion page views in 2007 and producing a 52-episode TV series in collaboration with ITV International.
  • WTPL Music (1991-1999): In 1991, Jason Barnard founded WTPL Music in Lille, France. As CEO, he led the company to release four albums and secure over 100 publishing deals with major labels such as EMI and Warner.This success marked the beginning of his deep dive into SEO and digital marketing.

About Kalicube

What is Kalicube?

Kalicube is a digital marketing agency and groundbreaking software company that helps business leaders future-proof their digital search strategy and provides digital agencies with state of the art service offerings that are effective, easy to sell and hugely profitable.

What is the Kalicube Process?

The Kalicube Process is a data-driven, three-phase digital marketing strategy designed to optimize a brand’s visibility, message, and acquisition funnel across its entire digital ecosystem. This process is simple, straightforward, and deeply rooted in brand and marketing with search engine optimization (SEO) baked in. The Kalicube Process unfolds three phases: understandability, credibility, and deliverability to ensure your brand stands out. It is timeless and future-proof, working seamlessly with generative AI and any other new tech that comes our way.

What is Kalicube Pro?

Kalicube Pro, the agency’s groundbreaking proprietary SaaS platform, leverages over a billion data points to automate bespoke digital marketing strategies. By tracking over twenty million entities and managing more than ten million active knowledge panels, Kalicube Pro has become instrumental for businesses aiming to dominate their online presence.

Establishing Expertise

The Role of Podcasting 

Podcasting has been a cornerstone in Jason Barnard’s journey to becoming an influential and trusted authority within the digital marketing industry. His podcast, “Branded Search (and Beyond) with Jason Barnard,” has served as an incredible platform for learning from industry experts and establishing his authority within the field. With over 350 episodes, the podcast has not only been an educational tool but also a significant contributor to his brand positioning. It has helped him build credibility and trust within the digital marketing community and beyond.

Initial Focus on Industry Publications

Jason Barnard started contributing insightful contents to leading digital marketing publications such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. He maximized his impact on both external platforms and his own website by focusing on topics closely related to his core expertise in digital marketing and SEO. 

Author of “The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business”

In January 2022, Jason Barnard published his first book, “The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business“. This book represents a culmination of Jason’s expertise in Brand SERPs and digital marketing. It provides businesses with essential insights on how to optimize their brand’s appearance in search engine results pages, effectively turning their Google results into a powerful digital business card. The book has been well-received in the digital marketing community, further cementing Jason’s status as “The Brand SERP Guy”.

Conference Speaking Engagements

Jason Barnard has become a sought-after speaker at major marketing conferences worldwide. His expertise in Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels has led to invitations to speak at prestigious events such as: SEO Estonia, Digital Marketing Europe, PubCon, SMX Series, and YoastCon

Jason’s latest conferences attended are listed below.

At these conferences, Jason shares his insights on Brand SERPs, Knowledge Panels, personal branding and digital marketing strategies. His presentations are known for their blend of expert knowledge and engaging delivery, often featuring his signature red shirt. These speaking engagements have not only helped spread Jason’s ideas to a wider audience but have also reinforced his position as a thought leader in the digital marketing industry.

Strategic Repositioning as an Entrepreneur

Shifting Focus Towards Broader Platforms

Recognizing how crucial Google’s perception is, Jason Barnard meticulously redefined his online presence. He shifted his focus from purely technical SEO topics towards broader entrepreneurial platforms like Forbes. This repositioning was not just about changing his activities but also about educating Google and his audience about his new focus.

By writing for Forbes, Jason Barnard was able to reach a wider audience that included not just digital marketers but also entrepreneurs and business leaders. This move helped him establish authority beyond the niche of digital marketing. 

Focusing on Personal Branding

Jason Barnard’s approach to personal branding emphasizes the importance of consistency and clarity across all digital platforms. By ensuring that every mention of him online aligns with his entrepreneurial identity, he has successfully repositioned himself in the eyes of both Google and his human audience.


Jason Barnard’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his ability to adapt, innovate, and lead. From his early days in the music industry to his current role as a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, Jason has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of branding and digital presence. His strategic repositioning and the success of Kalicube highlight the importance of controlling one’s online narrative in today’s digital age. As “The Brand SERP Guy,” Jason continues to influence and shape the digital marketing landscape, helping businesses and individuals alike to optimize their online presence and achieve their branding goals effectively.

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