Chris Simmance #SEOisAEO

Crawl Budget and Speed #SEOisAEO with Chris Simmance at #SEMrushLIVE19

We start with beards – Chris has his in the build stage. Chris tells me not to grow a beard. So that is exactly what I did :) Make your site easily crawlable and use your server logs to optimise the crawl using beautiful spreadsheets. Find the robot holes and fix them using signposting. Intriguingly, Chris uses Screaming Frog for log files and Site Bulb for crawling. He is a fan of equity sculpting, when it it done well, and gets excited about TTFB and sitespeed. Onto music instrument sites (Thomann is dreamland for musicians, according to me) and how complex they are. A bit on Javascript, then we end with the concept of perception of speed and seemingly instantaneous siteloading – in the blink of an eye (340 ms).

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