Emily Potter #SEOisAEO

Google is the Enemy #SEOisAEO with Emily Potter at #BrightonSEO

Emily has had a varied career. Google aren’t playing the game anymore, on-SERP is making SEO harder and harder and featured snippets are having a major negative impact on CTR. Or are they? And what is the type of traffic? I love Emily’s Monday morning actions. Google has the route to sale but not the sale and Amazon have the sale, but not the route to sale. Which means they kind of rely on each other. If you are smaller brand and/or a published, fear the featured snippet. I mention the idea that the featured snippet has a separate algorithm based on the Knowledge Graph. Whatever the effect on CTR, at least you get your brand out there and in front of people… plus featured snippets are a very achievable SERP element to grab.

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