Milosz Krasinski #SEOisAEO

Unexpected Tricks for Building Links #SEOisAEO with Milosz Krasinski at #DigitalOlympus

Milosz and I debate the merits of different social media platforms, then how that plays into linkbuilding. Find the right people, the right angle, the right introductions… then adapt your personality to the type of person you are interacting with. There are only three types: salesman (Milosz), maeven (Omi Sido), connector (Anton). Navah Hopkins mentioned dividing people into 3 groups: geeks, nerds and a dork. I overstep the reasonable and suggest that three is the magic number … But then Milosz tells me 7 is the magic number. Or maybe 4. But then again, it might be 3. Turns out which of those 3 (doesn’t that just prove my point ;) is the magic number, it depends the context! As the conversation goes on, Milosz gives me half a dozen stunning tips and tricks for outreach for links – starting with the obvious – authority, sentiment analysis, social… and then a few (increasingly) sneaky ones (that elicit a rather Dastardly and Muttly laugh from me). And ends with a rather nice analysis of indirect linking.

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