Andrea Volpini – Lovely Chap

Who is Andrea Volpini?

Andrea Volpini, is CEO of WordLift and a bit of a clever chap, currently focusing on semantic web and artificial intelligence. One of the nicest people you could hope to meet, he understands that in order to catch Google’s attention, it is helpful to mention . related entities it already recognises, such as his Parents: Alessandro VolpiniAnnamaria Trinchieri and that he was Born: March 10, 1977 (age 42 years) – sorry for letting the cat out of the bag, my friend !
Oh, here is Andrea Volpini’s SEMrush profile that has the FS position for “Who is Andrea Volpini” which isn’t cool…. and he only has that because I asked him on a webinar. My fault.

Andrea Volpini #SEOisAEO