Kalicube.pro – It’s All About the Brand SERP

Your Brand SERP in Google = your new Business Card

When someone Googles your brand name…
They are looking at your business card.
What does your Google business card look like?

Kalicube – is a personal research project that tracks and measures Brand SERPs (what appears when someone Googles your brand name). Currently we are tracking the Brand SERPs for over 14,000 brands and 10,000 people.

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This is a Brand SERP

Your Brand SERP is vital to your business. It is:

  1. what prospects see when they research you
  2. what clients see when they navigate to your website by searching your name
  3. a reflection of your reputation – Google’s take on the world’s opinion of you
  4. a window into your marketing strategy

Brand SERP Services

Kalicube’s ability to help your brand with the three questions above is broken down into 3 clear arms

  1. Research into Brand SERPs
    Kalicube has been tracking Brand SERPs since 2015. We currently track over 71,000 brands across 11 countries. This is an unparalleled dataset that means we understand better than anyone how Google represents brands in its results, whatever the vertical.
    Ask us for data on your industry and see where you are losing ground on the competition.
  2. Analysing and optimising Brand SERPs
    Kalicube offers analysis and optimisation services to leading companies around the world whichever of the 3 reasons they need to address – brand message, reputation, or marketing strategy.
    Contact us for bespoke services for your company
  3. Teaching Brand SERP Optimisation
    Kalicube offers a series of video courses in which Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) shows students step-by-step how to optimise their Brand SERP… whatever the size, industry and market of their company.
    Enroll for the courses and learn how to optimise your Brand SERP yourself. It’s easy, once you know how 🙂