Kalicube.pro – It’s All About the Brand SERP

Your Brand SERP in Google = your new Business Card

When someone Googles your brand name…
They are looking at your business card.
What does your Google business card look like?

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Kalicube.pro – is a personal research project that tracks and measures Brand SERPs (what appears when someone Googles your brand name). Currently we are tracking the Brand SERPs for over 14,000 brands and 10,000 people.

This is a Brand SERP

Brand SERPs are vital to every business because it is:

  1. what prospects see when they research you
  2. what clients see when they navigate to your website by searching your name
  3. a reflection of your reputation – Google’s take on the world’s opinion of you
  4. a window into your marketing strategy

Kalicube.pro offers

– free tracking for your Brand SERP. Track yours free now >>
– an online course ‘How to Optimise your Brand SERP’. Find out more >>