The Knowledge Graph

Google has named their knowledge engine The Knowledge Graph.

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The visible side of The Knowledge Graph in Google

The box you sometimes see at the top on right hand side come from The Knowledge Graph. Typically they will appear when you Google the name of your favourite film, actor or musician. Some brands also have their knowledge box. But only those Google is truly confident it has fully understood.

Quick test: Does your company have The Knowledge Graph box on Google on your brand search ?

  1. Yes. Congratulations ! Google is confident it has understood your company. But the work is just starting. That visible aspect is is merely the tip of the iceberg. There is a great deal more to be done, and a great many opportunities left to grasp. Don’t sit on your laurels. Push ahead and cement your place.
  2. No. A disaster waiting to happen. Today is the time to start asking yourself “why?” and start laying down this most fundamental building block. It will be the cornerstone of all your online marketing efforts for many many years to come.

Google's Knowledge Graph Box

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