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SEO blog articles in 2017

My aim is to make the subject accessible to beginner and intermediary levels by explaining proven strategies and tactics in a clear simple manner. I have been invited to write for these world-renowned prestigious (expert) sites…


  1. Paid UK Review Platforms: Which is the Right Choice for SEO?
     24 April 2017
  2. Taking Company Schema Markup to the next level 
    26th July 2017
  3. The Secrets of Semantic HTML5 for document structure — a Guide
    25th September 2017
  4. Semantic HTML5 for Content Writers – The Essential Guide
    1st November 2017


  1. Co-author (with two really smart people at Searchmetrics:  Marcus Tober and Daniel Furch) “Managing online brand experience through Search and Content OptimizationMarch 2017
    Download your copy  here.
    Latest  update on MediaPost 
  2. New Horizons: Online Experts Weigh in On Google Home and Voice Search
    16 August 2017


  1. Co-author (with Josue from Trustpilot) “SEO and Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO) – How voice assistants and credibility will change the SEO landscape”
    September 2017.
    Released at BrightonSEO – print only…  hopefully a digital copy will become available soon.

Ecommerce Nation

  1. 3 Long-Term SEO Strategies you can Implement Today
    April 2017
  2. The 6 Key Points of a Profitable Google Shopping Campaign
    June 2017


  1. Introduction to Schema Markup
    9 June 2017

Social Media Today

  1. Top Review Management Solutions for Small Businesses
    29 August 2017

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