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Alexandra Tachalova #SEOisAEO

Bad Promotion Kills your Content. It doesn’t need to #SEOisAEO with Alexandra Tachalova at #DigitalOlympus

Write less, promote more… build organic traffic, get links, avoid the spike of hope. I learned how i can MUCH better promoting the #SEOisAEO podcast, which is rather cool :p) Outreach is the future (and Alex offers some advice about tools to use). Linkbuilding is and will remain fundamental, but too often overlooked. Watch out Neil Patel, Alex is coming up fast on your shoulder! In terms of content, think about ongoing content – a guide with chapters, for example. Or a podcast ! Also a bit of cheeky back scratching goes on and I beg for a link from Digital Olympus. I stop the conversation the moment Alex agrees with my analysis of the situation…

Judith Lewis #SEOisAEO

Creating a Killer Digital Strategy #SEOisAEO with Judith Lewis at #seocamp

Judith condenses 10 years of experience in agencies into 20 minutes. Reach, Act, Convert, Engage – touching our customers before, during and after (purchase). The customer is always right, except when they are wrong… and that gives us as an opportunity to helpfully upsell more of our services and make money. Be inspired by others, then do it better! Concrete goals, broad aspirations and KPIs. I look behind the curtain at the Wizard of Oz. Do tech first, then content, then linkbuilding last. Judith gets enthusiastic about Amazon, and tells me that we are not selling traffic, selling visibility. Bob’s Polo Shirt Emporium gets a special mention and Judith analyses their performance in search. So if you are listening, Bob, just listen to the end to get some free advice.

Cindy Krum #SEOisAEO

What do Fraggles Mean for Mobile-First Indexing? #SEOisAEO with Cindy Krum at #seocamp

I learn what Cindy is bitter about, but fail to get her to reveal her age. She also says that mobile indexing meant Google moved from indexing URLs to indexing Fraggles (chunks). And I agree! Being expert in ASO gives you a big advantage in optimising for Fraggles. Lovely discussion about being an old SEO expert as an advantage (luckily for me), the indexing API, Cindy says quite a few words in French, and introduces a new theory about AMP that means there are reasons other than speed to develop AMP version of your site. I call Cindy a genius :) Then she has a bit of a quite delightful rant about Google. Oh, and if you are publisher, Google is trying to put you out of business. Last of all… new version of the outro song – so you HAVE to listen all the way through :)

Gennaro Cuofano #SEOisAEO

Google’s Business Model #SEOisAEO with Gennaro Cuofano at #seocamp

Understanding how Google makes money, and how its business model is changing will help you do better SEO and build a better strategy for the future. Gennaro reads financial statements and figures that out for us (similar to what Bill Slawski does with patents)… 70% of its revenues come from ads on SERPs – but what makes up the other 30%? Gennaro shares that info with me, then tells me about the Google cemetery, and tells me not to have empathy for tech giants – I should just take advantage of them! And lastly, the 100 billion dollar question – how is Google’s business model going to evolve in the coming years?

Deepak Shukla #SEOisAEO

Build Your Personal Brand #SEOisAEO with Deepak Shukla at #DigitalOlympus

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed about building your personal brand. It is important for both you and your company, and will serve you well in everything you do in future. Top tips

  • Don’t rent your “digital brand house”
  • Get yourself an Adina

You’ll have to listen to the episode to know what those two tips even mean… but they are gold-dust.

Brilliant stuff from Deepak (and Adina by proxy).

Craig Campbell #SEOisAEO

Smart Social Media Strategies. #SEOisAEO with Craig Campbell at #seocamp

Craig has a baby boy with the same accent as his. Craig gets me excited about Facebook (quite an achievement), we agree we should avoid Instagram… and then tells me about the right automation tools to use and the pitfalls to avoid. Basically, he gives me my Social Media strategy for 2019 and tells me what I should be doing in 2020 :) And, apparently he and I connected thanks to a bot. Sounds weird now I write it.

Laurence O'Toole #SEOisAEO

Topic Clusters #SEOisAEO with Laurence O’Toole at @seocamp

Lemons, solar panels, prams, garden accessories… the topics Laurence likes to talk about are quite varied. According to him, Google is getting increasingly good at identifying authority within specific topics to a very granular degree. Big data is allowing Authoritas to get an inside view. Very enjoyably brilliant from Laurence. Hats off, sir !

Bill Slawski #SEOisAEO

Patents and entities in search since 1999 #SEOisAEO with Bill Slawski @seocamp

Patents are really easy: they identify a problem, they tell you about the prior art used to solve the problem, tell you why that’s insufficient, then they provide a solution. We also talk about patent writing styles and the Ernest Hemmingway of patents. We look at Google Maps as a knowledge graph and traffic cop. Onto why many of the best employees moved from Microsoft and Yahoo to Google (the reason is not what I thought). Remembering dates, names and patents is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Along the way, we work back through the history of entities in search, starting 2019 and right back as far as 1998 (Sergueï Brin).

This interview / conversation was recorded at 7 am in a bakers shop in Saint Denis near Paris and has an amazing backing track of coffee, bread and the locals chatting in Arabic and watching TV (don’t worry, it doesn’t ruin the listening experience, it a truly makes it better :)

Fili Weise #SEOisAEO

Pagespeed, Sitespeed, Lighthouse and HTTP2 #SEOisAEO with Fili Weise @yoastcon

Sitespeed is all about user experience. With some incredible Lighthouse insights, tips and tricks, Wili makes me go all starry-eyed about Lighthouse (pagespeed 3.0). He follows that up with a few super lessons in HTTP2, and tells me that speed as a ranking factor is an illusion. Also, by the way, Google wants to be a librarian and Fili owes me TWO Lego men :)