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Jason Barnard is a Company Founder and CEO – Kalicube, 2022

Jason founded Kalicube SAS in 2015 and is currently the CEO.

Jason Barnard is an Author (2022)

His first book The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business was published in January 2022 by Kalicube SAS.

Jason Barnard was an Screenwriter (2007)

He co-wrote the scripts for the TV Series Boowa and Kwala. The series was produced by ITV International, Radio Canada, UpToTen, PMMP and Gulli and released in 2007.

Jason Barnard is a Digital Marketer (1998-present)

He has been a digital marketer since 1998 (the year Google was incorporated).

Jason Barnard is a Singer-Songwriter (1990-present)

He was singer-songwriter as a member of The Barking Dogs, and as a member of Boowa & Kwala. He has written over 100 songs and sung on over 200 recordings.

Jason Barnard is a Double Bassist (1990-present)

He was the double bass player for The Barking Dogs from 1990 to 1996. Jason still plays double bass with Barcoustic and The Pascal Brothers.

Jason Barnard was a Voice Actor (1998-2007)

He voiced Boowa in the TV Series Boowa & Kwala. Véronique Barnard voiced Kwala in the same series.