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Boowa & Kwala Musical Group

Boowa and Kwala as a Musical group

Boowa & Kwala actually started as a music group. I made the first album (12 Sing Along Songs) in 1998 consisting mostly of existing songs, but with some original compositions.

No record company wanted the album, so Véronique and I created a website, and the rest is (as they say) history :)

The second album, 53 Bright Songs was released along with the TV series in 2007. This time, all the songs are original compositions.


Boowa and Kwala Music Albums

My favourite Boowa and Kwala Songs

Of the 100 or so songs I wrote, these are my favourites :)
Chocco Song >>
Beep Beep >>
Twirly Dance >>

All the songs >>

How Boowa and Kwala Music Group started

Jason Barnard tells the story of how his career in children’s music and cartoons started, and how he built Boowa & Kwala to become the 10,000th most visited website in the world in 2007.


Jason Barnard: …and I recorded a music album for children in my Parisian bedroom, And they (record companies) all said, “you’re a punk folk musician. You can’t do children’s music.” So once again, pigheadedly. I just said, “I’m just gonna release it myself anyway. I don’t care.”

Jason Barnard: So I released the record and actually then ended up creating a website and building that up to be the 10,000th biggest site in the world in 2007. And that was a site for small children…