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Boowa is a fictional character who appears in the Boowa & Kwala web series and TV series. He is a male blue dog. His full name is Boowa Wawa.

Boowa is a kind and friendly child. He is the best friend of Kwala.

Boowa is Dawa’s son.
He is Mawa’s son.
He is Siwa’s older brother.

How old is Boowa?

Boowa is 10 years old in the TV series. As with many fictional characters, although the TV Series and web series were created over a period of 10 years, Boowa never got any older :)

Which Actor Plays Boowa?

Boowa is voiced by Jason Barnard.

Boowa looking at ants
Boowa laying on the bed
Boowa as a puppet
Boowa eating snow

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