Boowa & Kwala Web Series

Boowa & Kwala

Boowa & Kwala are cartoon characters created and voiced by Véronique and Jason Barnard. Boowa is a blue dog and Kwala is a yellow koala. Starting in 1998, their initial success came on the web through


Boowa & Kwala Web Series
Boowa & Kwala Web Series started in 1998

Created for preschoolers worldwide by Véronique and myself in 1998. A big, friendly blue dog (me) and a cute yellow Koala (Vero).
Games, Stories, Cartoons and Songs made using Adobe Flash and still running :)

My roles: Flash game development, SEO, voices, music, scripts.

The infamous song :)

5 million website visits a month (that’s 60 million a year) with 1 million of those from organic search

Songs and Music Albums

Two albums in French and English

More info: 53 bright Songs From the TV Series >>

My favourites :)
Chocco Song >>
Beep Beep >>
Twirly Dance >>

All the songs >>

TV Series

TV Series produced by ITV International

 Boowa & Kwala TV series (52 x 5′) shown in France, Canada, Poland, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and the UK… 2007 – Produced by ITV Studios (UK), Guili (FR) and Radio Canada (CA). Full list of episodes here >>

My roles: Voiceover (5 characters), songwriting and scriptwriting – all in both English and French.

On YouTube

Kids playing the games, singing the songs and generally enjoying Boowa & Kwala :)


Boowa & Kwala have families in the TV series, the web series and the music albums. Here they are.

Wawa Family

Boowa, Dawa, Mawa, Siwa

Koala family

Kwala, Daddy Koala, Mummy Koala, Grandma Koala, Grandpa Koala