Boowa & Kwala


Created for preschoolers worldwide by Véronique and myself in 1998. A big, friendly blue dog (me) and a cute yellow Koala (Vero).
Games, Stories, Cartoons and Songs made using Adobe Flash and still running :)

My roles: Flash game development, SEO, voices, music, scripts.

5 million website visits a month with 1 million of those from organic search


Singer / Songwriter because the 94 songs for kids as cartoons here

My favourites :)
Chocco Song >>
Beep Beep >>
Twirly Dance >>

All the songs >>

TV Series

 Boowa & Kwala TV series (52 x 5′) shown in France, Canada, Poland, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and the UK… 2007 – Produced by ITV Studios (UK), Guili (FR) and Radio Canada (CA)

My roles: Voiceover (5 characters), songwriting and scriptwriting – all in both English and French.