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A few of my favourite videos from the past 30 years. Including but not limited to: music, singing, double bass, punk, Boowa and Kwala, Brand SERPs, Knowledge Panels, Kalicube Tuesdays, Kalicube, Bill Slawski, Koray Gübür, Search Engine Journal…

Video of The Braking Dogs Playing The Ace of Spades Live in Angers, France
Video of Jason Barnard’s life story in 7 chapters
Video of Jason Barnard “Smartest People in SEO”
Video of Jason Barnard “Why Branding Matters”
Video of Jason Barnard “Entity Building & Google’s Knowledge Graph” Search Engine Journal
Kalicube Tuesdays with Bill Slawski and Jason Barnard: Entities and Knowledge Panels
Understanding Semantic SEO: Kalicube Tuesdays with Koray Gübür and Jason Barnard