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Songs where Jason Barnard is Composer and / or Lyricist

A list of the songs Jason Barnard wrote or co-wrote for Boowa and Kwala and The Barking Dogs.

A Busy Bee
A Butterfly Flies By
A Kiss and a Cuddle
All Tied In a Knot
Beep Beep
Best Friends In the Whole Wide World
Big Fat Tum
Boowa and Kwala
Can you Walk Like a Duck?
Chocco Song
Christmas Time Is Here Again
Cigarettes And Whiskey
Drunkard’s Dream
Festival of Lights
Fine Again
Have a Happy Birthday
Hello Hello
Hooray, Another Sunny Day
How Many Mushrooms
I Did It On My Own
I Found It!
I Love Snow
I Love to Run
I Love You and You Love Me
I’m a Rainbow
I’m Not Scared
La Milanaise
Le Baragouin
Make Like a Scarecrow
Munchie, Munchie, Munchie
Music for Everyone
My Favorite Cuddly Toy
My Favorite Sandwich
My Sandcastle
On a Windy Day
Please Say Cheese
Salt Is Salty, Sugar Is Sweet
Say Hello to the Animals
Scary Wary
Sheep Jumping
Singing In the Shower
Six Green Frogs
Sleep Boowa and Kwala
Strawberry Flavor
Superheroes Save the World
The Best Day Since Yesterday
The Cleaning Up Song
The Jungle Creep
The Singalong Lingalong Birdie Song
The Sooner I Get to Bed
The Twirly Dance Game
Throw You the Ball
Tick Tock Clock
Tiny Little Ants
Une Nuit Tranquille Chez Les Barking Dogs
Waiting Song
Weary Souls
What Color Do We Get?
What Does Your Dad Do?
What Have You Got In Your Pot
What Kind of Noise
When I Go To Sleep
When You Open Up a Music Box