Boowa & Kwala (Season 1)

The first season is, so far, unfortunately also the last :(

Characters in season 1:

2Finger Painting
3I Love Strawberries
4The Twirly Dance Game
5The Music Boxes
7The Singing Lesson
8The Family Album
9We’re Going for a Picnic
10The Disco Show
11Vroom Vroom
13Windy Things
14Imaginary Friends
15Let’s Play Tennis
16Let’s Make a Potion
17The Garden Orchestra
184 O’Clocksies
19The Doctor
20The Sandcastle
21Six Green Frogs
22Busy Bees
23One Man Band
26Tidying Up
27The Restaurant
28The Musical Scarecrow
29Sweet or Salty
30The Festival of Lights
31Magic Tricks
32The Beans
33We Love Snow
34Christmas Trees
35Pirate Treasure
36The Butterfly
37The Birdhouse
38The Pyjama Party
39Kwala’s Birthday
41Ant Art
42The Snail Race
43Nature Super Heroes
44Singing in the Shower
45Cuddly Rabbit
46What do you Find in an Egg
47The Mirror
48Playing with the Stars
49What Can We Do, Laaaa?
50The Cuddly Kitten
51The Rainbow
52Best Friends