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Published on MarketAPeel June 1, 2022 (Shannon Peel)

Where Do You Reside Currently?

Paris, France

What Do You Do?

I help brands/companies and people manage their branded presence on Google… specifically for their audience when they google the name – I call that result (which is your Google Business card) a Brand SERP

What Is Your Top Personal Value?

An insatiable desire to understand. Both in my personal relationships, trying to better understand the point of view of others, and also professionally: I want to understand how Google decides what to display on a Search Engine Results Page when a user searches a person’s name or a brand name.

What Do You Do When You Aren’t Working?

I was a professional musician in the 1990s (folk-punk double bassist and singer). I continue to play music and sing whenever I get the opportunity… I also made a cartoon TV series for kids in the noughties that aired in over 20 countries. I still love making animations and voiceovers… and integrate that into my work when I can’t, and into my weekends when I can’t :)

What Makes You Unique?

I keep having crossovers with unexpected people: John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Captain Sensible, Sir Tony Robinson… all fun but not necessarily incredibly interesting. Less easy to understand, but possibly more interesting is that my life has been varied (to say the least) and each “period” in my life has an accompanying “hard luck story” that either inspired it or ended it.

What Do You Love About What You Do and How Do You Help Others?

I have a weekly livestream event and podcast that allows me to invite incredible people to share their insights and knowledge about digital marketing. I work hard to ensure that I give opportunities to people who might not get one elsewhere, ensure they are at ease and in the best position possible to share what they know.

I played the role of a blue dog in the TV series. That dog was scripted to be 100% empathetic, and I believe that playing the role of that dog changed my personality for the better.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

Create a new niche in the digital marketing industry that becomes a foundation to marketing strategy

What Is the Definition of the Word Brand?

Brand is what your audience perceives you to be. And the big digital players (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft…) have immense influence on that perception. We all need to start paying attention and managing this now.

What Is Brand Awareness and Why Is It Important to the Brand Story?

Brand awareness drives Google searches on your brand name. At that point you have bottom of funnel audience searching your brand name, and the result on Google is your Google Business Card. You need to ensure that Google reflects your brand message in your words on your Google Business Card. In the awareness stage, your audience need to know enough to make them curious about the solutions you can provide to them… enough to trigger them to google your brand name. At that point, you can get Google to “recommend” you with a great Brand SERP… at which point you have an easier “sell”.

Which Platforms Must a Brand Have In Their Digital Footprint?

Depends on the industry. But Brand SERPs are the best insight. Look at yours. What does Google show when your audience Googles your brand name? That is what it sees as important and valuable to your audience. Focus on those first. Then look at the Brand SERPs of your competitors to see where you are not present, but *should* be. Easy :)

What One Thing Must You Do on Social Media When Telling a Brand Story?

Have a personality. Hopefully, your brand personality resonates with your audience. Use the vocabulary that your ideal audience uses and build that into your personality. That makes a nice balance between you and them :)

What Is Your Favourite Platform to Tell a Brand Story and Why?

I liked twitter. But now realise it is too fragmented to tell a story. But every platform has its personality, and that often distracts from your story. Perhaps LinkedIn is too “staid”, Facebook too “chummy”, Twitter too “throwaway” or Instagram too “visual”. Reach out on those platforms with the format and style that suits the personality of the platform…. then try to pull people onto your own site where you can tell your story with a balance that suits your audience and your own personality.

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