Published on Linkedin January 01, 2020 (Jason Barnard)

Nobody asked me, but here are my plans 2020

1 – Continue with the 100% nomad lifestyle. I have pretty much all the travelling up to June planned and booked… but flexibility reigns – feel free to suggest conferences or invite me to speak, host or do the official interviews at yours.

2 – The podcast will continue… but be video as well as audio, cover a wider range of topics around marketing and change its name – “With Jason Barnard… The smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about topics they know inside out. The conversations are always intelligent, always interesting… and always fun!”.

3 – Speaking at conferences such as PubCon Florida, SMX Munich, eTravel World Berlin

4 – Host / master of Ceremonies at conferences such as SearchY Paris, Digital Olympus, SEP Profy Kiev.

5 – Official video interviews at multiple conferences (can’t say which, yet).

6 – Write articles for Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, Woorank, Accuranker, Journal du Net… and others (when possible).

7 – More research into Darwinism in Search and specifically how rich elements get their place in the SERPs.

8 – Research the Knowledge Graph, and Google’s updates to it.

9 – Release The Brand SERP course – how to optimise your Brand SERP. 30 videos, 80,000 words, 1,500 slides, a 600 question certification, and perhaps a physical book to accompany.

10 – Spreading the word about WHY you would want to optimise your brand SERP :)

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