Thumbnail: SEO Clinic: Real Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

Extract from: SEO Clinic: Real Ways to Improve Your Local SEO, published on Semrush October 6, 2021 (Eka Ebralidze)

Article on SEMrush bringing together expert opinions on real ways to improve your local SEO that turned out to be precious lessons of a five part series.

#3. Building a Local SEO Strategy From the Brand SERP Outwards by Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP Guy at Kalicube

Jason Barnard takes a look and analyzes JSK’s Brand SERP to show how the clinic can enhance its overall digital strategy which should also bring improvements to its presence in local search.

Some of Jason’s top tips on ways to enrich your brand SERP and positively affect a local business’s organic presence are:

  • Don’t disregard your presence across other review platforms. If your website doesn’t come with much content — just like JSK’s — pay attention to how you look across these platforms, as they tend to come up on the first pages of the search results. 
  • Add rich site links to help users navigate through your website more easily and direct them exactly where they intend to land (contact page, services page, etc.). 
  • Try to fill up as much SERP real estate as you can — by adding site links, having enough content to rank, and being present across social media (especially YouTube with its video boxes).

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