Published on Wordlift (Jason Barnard)

Since 2010, Google has started a process of semantic transformation. After acquiring Metaweb (an innovative startup) and founding, together with other search engines,, Google has finally turned into a large-scale semantic engine.

In short, today Google doesn’t just rank web pages using keywords and backlinks, it has also built a database of semantic concepts, the Knowledge Graph.

This fascinating database, made up of over 500-billion facts, today contains much of the knowledge on the web, and allows Google to give more and more  answers to users.

? Ok but… what do you have to do with this?

Today, with WordLift you can finally build your Knowledge Graph, so that Google can understand of your web pages, in a very immediate way.

And this allows you to grow your organic web traffic! Bingo! ?

Does it sound too complicated? Well, it’s not at all, because WordLift does all the heavy lifting for you!

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