Thumbnail: How to Optimize for AI ‘Answer Engines’

Published on PracticalEcommerce February 20, 2023 (Armando Roggio)

Still SEO

AEO is still SEO. The fundamental process is the same, requiring marketers to:

  • Get technical optimization right,
  • Identify keyword phrases and entities,
  • Create helpful, informative, or entertaining content,
  • Develop backlinks and mentions.

Thus we can sum up the difference between SEO and AEO in three concepts: communication, credibility, and deliverability.

The concepts are primarily the work of Jason Barnard. He’s the founder of Kalicube, a digital marketing agency. He has been teaching businesses about AEO since the launch of voice assistants.

– Armando Roggio

Deliverability is all about whether [an answer engine] believes your site can deliver the solution effectively to its user. That can be in the form of traditional SEO signals such as a fast page that is mobile-friendly or less obvious concepts such as a great checkout experience for an ecommerce site, great accompanying content around a video, and so on.

– Jason Barnard

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