Thumbnail: The Line Between Creativity and Business

Jason Barnard is known as The Brand SERP Guy. SERP stands for search engine results page. Just think about any time you Google someone’s name, a band, an actor, a business – that’s what pops up in the results. And he works to understand Google and how you can adjust what pops up when people search for you. That’s pretty cool. In his lifetime Jason has been in a punk-folk band, a cartoonist, a screenwriter, and started a children’s tv show that had millions and millions of views. He currently is the founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency, Kalicube. He’s been on both sides of things as far as business and creativity, which gives him good insight and authority to talk about finding the line between business and creativity. Where do you find the balance between having fun and enjoying what you’re doing and profitability?

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Published by Your Creative Haven. October 21, 2021. Host: Josh Rech. Guest: Jason Barnard, founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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