Tune in to an enlightening conversation with our special guest, Jason Barnard (Branded Search and Beyond), a digital marketing veteran with a penchant for punk-folk music and animated storytelling. Having spent 25 years in the digital marketing sphere, Jason possesses a treasure trove of knowledge and a unique perspective on brand management online. His unconventional journey – from the stages of Europe as a punk-folk musician to the colorful world of children’s television – has given him a unique perspective on life and business.

In this episode, Jason will discuss his top three topics: the transformative power of Google as a business card, the importance of educating the ever-learning Google, and the art of managing your brand presence on Google. Jason will demystify these topics, answering questions like “What is a knowledge panel in Google?” and “What does it mean when you say ‘Google is your new business card’?”

But it’s not all about marketing. Jason’s vibrant personal journey is a testament to his innovative spirit. Hear the captivating story of his transition from a punk-folk band to a starring role in a popular cartoon TV series. Understand how these experiences have shaped his current work and his flexible approach to entrepreneurship. Jason will also share his tales of living on a tropical island, adding a dash of tropical sunshine to our conversation.

As a special treat, Jason will share one of the songs from his TV series and reveal the intriguing connection between his cartoon characters – the blue dog and yellow koala – and his current work.

Join us for this riveting episode, where we marry the worlds of digital marketing and colorful life stories. Prepare for a journey that is as educational as it is entertaining, with our incredible guest, Jason Barnard. Don’t miss out!

Video by: Financial Freedom Podcast with Dr. Christopher LooHost: Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD. Guest: Jason Barnard. June 22, 2023.

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